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About Us

We are Tillington Bears! Tilly has been making bears since 2004. Her interest was awakened by visiting Hugglets Winter Bearfest when she decided to make her first teddy bear. Her first effort was Quasimodo (named for obvious reasons!) following which she had the bug to keep on making bears.

Having attended numerous training courses, her bears improved no end, and soon she was designing and making the unique teddy bears that evolved into the sophisticated bears that she makes today. Early on, she resolved to use the best methods, even if that meant that each bear took longer to make, such as trimming every single piece after cutting out, and double-stitching any places where there is a lot of strain on the pieces. She uses nut and bolt joints almost exclusively.

New techniques were added. Together with husband Rafael, who designs and makes all of the claws used in the bears, she makes all of the bears from start to finish - no one else has any input into the process - and designs are improved continually.

Picture of Cohho