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Blizzard is a very special bear made from extra-long wavy German mohair. He has black leather pawpads, and black realistic claws and he's very cuddly. He is white with caramel sides to his muzzle and English glass eyes.

He has 8 bolt and locknut joints (double neck joint, all four limbs, and wrist joints), so he can pose in a variety of interesting ways, including on all fours and sitting up.

He growls, has realistic claws on all four paws, and is one of a kind.

Blizzard is adopted now, but Tilly could make a bear specially for you - just email her now!

Sitting height:  45cm (18")
Standing on all fours:  30cm (12")
Standing up:  55cm (22")
Weight:  2475gm (6lb 11oz)
Joints:  8
Growlers:  2
Claws:  Yes