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Blusher (left) with New Snow Moon (a Moon Bear)

This charming bear is made from the finest quality tipped mohair, with contrasting alpaca muzzle, ears, and paw pads.

He has 9 joints, including a twisty waist joint. All of his joints except his wrist joints are of the bolt and locknut type for strength, and to ensure that they won't slacken off.

His fat tummy is evidence that he likes eating naughty things from time to time!

Blusher is one of a kind.

Sitting height:  20cm (8 1/2")
Standing height:  24cm (11")
Weight:  405gm (14oz)
Joints:  9

I'm adopted - sorry! Tilly could make you a similar (but not identical) bear. You just need to ask!