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Patterns on CD ROM

So you want to make a bear?

To help bear makers present and future, we present our range of step-by-step patterns on CD ROM, supplied complete with all joints and eyes. Each pack includes about 15 pages of explanations and pictures in addition to full size outlines for every piece, all in pdf format ready to print.

Tillington Bear patterns supplied on CD ROM

Each pattern includes:


detailed step-by-step instructions,


a free copy of Acrobat(tm) Reader


many illustrations that you can zoom in on


true-size patterns that you can print - no photocopying to do


reverse sides already set up for you


glass or onyx eyes, joints, and suitable fabric samples


birth certificate template

Price:      £6.50 each

bear kit

'Bad Boy' (9.5" high).

Pattern does not include accessory designs.

Bad Boy pattern

'Auntie' (9.5" high).

Pattern does not include accessory designs.

Aunt Emily bear picture

'Boxing hare' (13" high, including ears).

Boxing Hare picture

'Big Bad Boy' (9.5" high)

Group of three Big Bad Boy bears

'Zen bear' (13" high). How chilled can you get?

Group of Zen bears

Any questions? Why not email Tilly on tilly@tillingtonbears.co.uk - she won't mind a bit!