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Teaching DVDs

So you want to make a bear?

Made especially to help bear makers present and future,  why not try out our instructional DVDs, which Tilly presents personally with Jo Rothery (former editor of Teddy Bear Times)?

Tillington DVDs

Each DVD lasts for about an hour. Close-ups are included to clarify details of many operations

Price:   £15.00 each. See our special offer below if you buy both DVDs together.

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For novices and beginners

This DVD is ideal for those who would love to make a teddy bear, but have never had the courage to start. Tilly shows the step-by-step essentials of making a bear from start to finish. When you reach the end of the instruction, you will have a complete teddy bear to be proud of. It's easy!

The DVD includes lots of tips explaining what to do, and what not to do.

A pattern for making a cute Bradley Bears bear (right) is included with the DVD.

picture of Lois


For intermediate bear makers.

This informative DVD shows a multitude of techniques and tips for resizing and adapting existing patterns. It's a must for anyone who has already made a teddy bear, but wants to go that step further and adapt designs to create something truly original.

A pattern for making a Tillington Big Bad Boy is included with the DVD.

Picture of a Big Bad Boy

Special offer: buy both DVDs together for £25

(£5 discount)

Any questions? Why not email Tilly on tilly@tillingtonbears.co.uk - she won't mind a bit!