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We hope you enjoy looking at the bears on this page. These bears were all made when the world was much younger, and if pressed, Tilly might deny that she ever made them! Each bear is unique and made individually from best-quality materials with embroidered nose, but are not as sophisticated as the bears we make currently. Some of these bears have nut-and-bolt joints, others have cotter pin joints.

See 'Why we're special' for more information about the way we make bears today.

If you would like a very special bear, why not call Tilly to find out more. Payment methods include cheque, debit or credit card, Paypal, or layaway with deposit.

Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy are punk pandas, with their chains, earrings etc. Nancy is a mirror-image panda, black where a normal panda is white and vice versa.

We are very fond of them, and Tilly still has the originals.

Sid and Nancy

Two Zen bears

Zen bears

These bears were made from a dense curly fabric, and were usually made in two complimentary colours.

Tilly still has one of the originals in her hug.