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Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit is the 'daddy' polar bear in the group entry we made in the British Bear Artists Awards called 'Rosie's Bathtime' - this entry won 3rd prize in the finals. He's made from dense German mohair with ultrasuede paws, so he's very cuddly. He is white with naturally dark brown skin and English glass eyes.

He has 8 bolt and locknut joints (double neck joint, all four limbs, and wrist joints), so he can pose in a variety of interesting ways, including on all fours and sitting up.

He growls, has realistic claws on all four paws, and is one of a kind.

Sorry Ice Spirit is no longer available, but if you are interested in a bear similar to him, do contact us.

Sitting height:  42cm
Standing on all fours:  50cm (20")
Weight:  1600gm (3lb 6oz)
Joints:  8