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Picture of Katmandu


Picture of Katmandu

Katmandu is one of a range of Sitting Cubs, so called because the hind legs are fairly soft-stuffed, allowing the foot to flex, and lie flat on the floor (or stretch out) when sitting. This removes the need for an ankle joint, and gives the bear a softer and more natural look. We also make variants of Sitting Cubs, some with traditional closed mouths, and some with claws or subtle teeth.

He is made from medium length chocolate alpaca with black real leather pawpads. Katmandu has a slightly open mouth, and is very cuddly because of his dense alpaca fur - he's irresistible!

We showed our Sitting Cubs for the first time at the Stratford Artist Bear Event, where they were very popular

Katmandu has 8 joints; four limbs, a double neck joint, and wrist joints. All of his joints are of the bolt and locknut type for strength, and to ensure that they won't slacken off.

Katmandu was an edition of 5.

Sitting height:  29cm (11.5")

Standing height:  31cm (12")

On all fours:  24cm (9.5")

Weight:  1100gm (3lb 9oz)

Joints:  8

Growlers:  1