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Large bears

Meet our large bears!

Polar Bears

We are devastated about the plight of the polar bears. These magnificent creatures are under extreme threat from climate change and we suspect that the civilized world is ultimately powerless to help them. However, we give one pound from every bear sale we make to WSPA who do such good work in rescuing and protecting bears everywhere.

Having said that, polar bears are close to our hearts, and we are pleased to present our favourite polars on our polar bears page.

Illustrated right is Ice Spirit, who was a part of our prize-winning group entry for Hugglets a while ago.

Picture of Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit

Realistic Bears

Our realistic bears are quite varied. they range from grizzlies to brown bears. They all have double neck joints and some of them have claws too.

How realistic do you like your bears?

Illustrated is Blizzard.

Picture of Blizzard


We have very few large bears available for adoption right now, but if you'd like one we are sure that Tilly could find you one to fall in love with! Give Tilly a call on 07802 366132 right now to reserve yours!