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Tilly has made pandas regularly all the time she has been making bears. All of Tilly's pandas have separate pieces for the different colour areas, rather than relying on airbrushing, and generally they have white thighs, as self-respecting pandas should.

Tilly is also able to make pandas with her famous double-neck joint.

We have to confess that Fudge Brownie isn't quite black, (illustrated lower right) but is still sweet!.

We don't have any pandas available at the moment, but drop Tilly an email or ring her if you would like her to make you one.

Picture of Pandarama


Picture of Pasha


Picture of Fudge Brownie

Fudge Brownie

We don't have any pandas available currently, but if you'd like one We are sure that Tilly could find you one to fall in love with! Give Tilly a call on 07802 366132 right now to reserve yours!