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Meet Reggie!


When Tilly was a teenager, she lived in Tottenham. It was the era of the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie. She remembers once being in a pub when the famous twins arrived, and the place emptied - nobody dared stay when the twins wanted a quiet drink! As this gorgeous chap was modelled to some extent on our Ronnie, what else could we call him but Reggie?

He's another scruffy, naughty bear, with a somewhat narrower snout than Ronnie and has contrasting paws. He is made from the finest quality mohair, with black leather paw pads and ivory claws. His face inserts are real  - not airbrushed - and his upper tummy matches his muzzle inserts and his front paws.

He has 8 joints for really versatile posing. All of his joints are of the bolt and locknut type for strength, and to ensure that they won't slacken off.

Sitting height:  32cm (12.5")

Standing height:  39cm (15.5")

On all fours:  24cm (9.5")

Weight:  1.2kg (2lb 8oz)

Joints:  8

Growler: 1

Edition size: 1

You are too late to adopt Reggie, but why not contact Tilly to ask her to make the bear of your dreams?