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Sahara is delightful!

Made of four different colours of dense curly silk, and with a body that's not hard-stuffed, he feels gorgeous and is oh-so cuddly.  His nose is hand-embroidered in black perle with dark gold nostrils.  He has a dark gold body and head, with pale gold and ivory ears, pale gold limbs, cream tummy and ivory paws. His pawpads are black leather.

He has 10 joints (double neck joint, four limbs, and wrist and ankle joints).

He is 30cm tall, so he sits confidently, waiting for his next cuddle.

He can stand, sit, romp, crouch or pose on all fours. He has a growler, but doesn't usually use it unless you turn him completely upside down!

He is one of a kind.

Sitting height: 30cm (11.8")

Standing on all fours: 27cm (10.5")

Standing: 45cm (17.5")

Weight: 1.1kg (3lb 9ounces)

Growlers: 1

Joints: 10