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Small bears

Meet our small bears!

Bonsai Bears

These are the cutest little bears you can imagine. Only 6" high when standing, they are fully jointed; in fact they have 8 joints, including double-neck joints, and wrist joints. As a result they can be posed in lots of ways, including standing (yes, they can stand unaided), sitting, and on all fours.

Made of combinations of mohair, silk, and alpaca, they are cleverly weighted so that they nestle in your hand. Don't pick one up, because you definitely won't want to put him down again!




Although we don't make many teddies, sometimes Tilly just fancies making some.

On the right are a group of Sunshine bears that were commissioned from us by Teddy Bear Times. You can see some of Tilly's larger teddies on our Medium Teddies page

a group picture of Sunshine bears


Small bears

We make vertically challenged bears from time to time, often for competitions. Like our other little bears, they have at least 6 joints and frequently more.

Iggie, a Baby bear


Many of our little bears are finding their way to Japan for adoption, but if you'd like one We are sure that Tilly could find you one to fall in love with! Give Tilly a call on 07802 366132 right now to reserve yours!