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Snow Moon

Snow Moon

Snow Moon is a very special polar bear who was made for a competition. He's made from German mohair with ultrasuede paws, so he's very cuddly. He is white with naturally dark skin and English glass eyes.

He has 8 bolt and locknut joints (double neck joint, all four limbs, and wrist joints), so he can pose in a variety of interesting ways, including on all fours and sitting up.

He growls, has realistic claws on all four paws, and is one of a kind.

Snow Moon has now been adopted, but if you would like a similar (but not identical) bear, do contact us.

Sitting height:  48cm

Standing on all fours:  56cm (22")

Weight:  2150gm (4lb 9oz)

Joints:  8

Growlers: 2

Claws: Yes;